Check the region number of the DVD. Найти ещё сообщения от алян. В зависимости от потребностей, Вам необходимо поискать требуемый документ. Воспользуйтесь формуляром, находящимся ниже Если с помощью найденной инструкции Вы не решили свою проблему с Samsung DVD-CM, задайте вопрос, заполнив следующий формуляр. To determine whether your television is compatible, follow the instructions below. To resume normal playback, press the button. Page 4 Contents cont.

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There are up to 8 rating levels on a disc. Вы не можете создавать новые темы Вы не можете отвечать в темах Вы не можете прикреплять вложения Вы dgd можете редактировать свои сообщения BB коды Вкл.

Содержание для инструкция с настройками Samsung dvd-cm500

От производителей Новости поставщиков В мире электроники. Disc Type and Characteristics This DVD player is capable of playing the following types of discs with the corresponding logos: Using the Tape Counter The tape counter: Selecting the Recording Speed You can record a cassette at two different speeds: About Speaker Setup Ideal Speaker Arrangement Center Speaker Ideally, the center speaker should be positioned at the same height as the front speakers, but it may be placed above or below your TV set.

Страница 5 Safety Instructions 5 GB The lightning bolt is a warning sign alerting you to dangerous voltage inside the product. Otherwise, the system automatically selects the reception standard when you select AUTO.



схемч If the DVD you are attempting to copy is copy protected, you will not be able to copy the disc. Tune in to the desired station.

Check the region number of the DVD. Selecting the Colour Mode Language: Each time you press the button, the selection will toggle between FM and AM. sammsung

To determine whether your television is compatible, follow the instructions below. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

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Какой из вариантов правильнее? Отправить личное сообщение для al-s.

Найти ещё сообщения от алян. The VCR out can not watch by this connection.

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Комментарии 1 Arl Grai FAQ — чаще всего задаваемые вопросы 6. Intelligent Picture Control The Intelligent Picture Control Feature allows you to adjust the sharpness of the image automatically, according to your own preferences.

Surround Speakers It is better to place these speakers behind your listening position, facing slightly downwards, about 24 samsujg 35 inches cm above your ear. Insert the video cassette to be played.


Инструкция С Настройками для Samsung dvd-cm500

Problems and Solutions VCR Storing an FM station of Вы должны там найти самые важные технические данные Samsung DVD-CM — таким образом вы проверите, выполняет damsung оборудование Ваши требования. To resume playback, press the If the player is left in Still mode for 5 minutes, it will stop automatically. If the safety tab on the cassette is intact, press Otherwise, the cassette is played automatically.

This can be done: You must preset the stations received through the tuner.

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It is an infringement of copyright laws to copy ck500 cassettes or to re-record them in any form without the permission of the owners of the corresponding copyright. The process takes a few minutes.

Tune in to the desired station. Up to 20 tracks can be programmed.